china  Trusted and Audited Suppliers supplier Top quality custom milling and turning aluminum shaft collar

We are aiming to meet the requires of the clients close to the planet.. a specialized supplier of a full selection of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes….


Quick Specifics

Relevant Industries:

Building Materials Shops, Producing Plant, farms, Design works , Power & Mining, Meals & Beverage Outlets

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Industrial Products


Machining Providers

Provide Potential

Provide Ability:
200000 Piece/Items for every Thirty day period

Packaging & Supply

Packaging Specifics
2. Personal Paper Box/Carton/Pallet

3. As the clients’ need”>1. Industrial Exporting Bundle with anti-tarnish paper/Carton/Pallet

2. Specific Paper Box/Carton/Pallet

3. As the clients’ prerequisite


On-line Customization

HangZhou Ever-Energy transmission Co. Ltd. A single of branch of At any time-Electricity Team – the most significant China transmisssion provider. With 1200 employee and precision equipment, we create higher top quality products to United states of america and EU and other places.

Solution parameter


 Solid, split, double break up,Zinc-plate, black oxide,Carton steel, stainless steel

Bore O.D. Width Cap Screw            
1/eight” five/eight” five/sixteen” four-forty x 3/eight 2 three/sixteen” 3 one/4″ 3/four” 5/sixteen-24 x 1
three/16″ five/eight” five/sixteen” 4-40 x 3/8 2 1/4″ 3 one/4″ 3/four” 5/sixteen-24 x one
one/four” 11/16″ 5/16″ 4-forty x 3/8 2 five/sixteen” 3 1/two” three/four” 5/sixteen-24 x 1
5/sixteen” 11/16″ 5/sixteen” four-forty x 3/eight 2 three/eight” 3 one/two” 3/four” 5/16-24 x 1
3/8″ seven/eight” three/8″ 6-32 x three/8 2 7/sixteen” three 1/2″ three/four” five/16-24 x 1
seven/sixteen” 15/16″ 3/eight” six-32 x 3/eight 2 one/2″ 3 three/4″ seven/eight” three/8-24 x one
one/2″ 1 one/eight” thirteen/32″ 8-32 x one/two 2 9/16″ three seven/8″ seven/8″ 3/eight-24 x 1
nine/sixteen” one five/sixteen” 7/sixteen” 10-32 x 1/2 two 5/eight” three 7/eight” 7/8″ three/eight-24 x 1
5/8″ one five/16″ 7/sixteen” ten-32 x one/two 2 eleven/16″ 4″ 7/8″ three/eight-24 x one
eleven/16″ one one/two” one/two” 10-32 x one/two two 3/four” 4″ seven/8″ 3/eight-24 x one
3/4″ 1 1/two” one/two” 1/four-28 x 5/8 2 seven/eight” 4 1/four” seven/8″ 3/8-24 x one
thirteen/sixteen” one five/8″ 1/two” one/four-28 x five/8 2 15/16″ four 1/four” seven/eight” 3/8-24 x 1
7/8″ one five/eight” 1/2″ one/4-28 x five/eight 3″ 4 one/four” seven/eight” three/8-24 x one
fifteen/sixteen” one three/four” one/two” one/four-28 x five/eight 3 three/sixteen” 4 one/2″ seven/eight” three/eight-24 x one
1″ 1 3/four” one/two” one/4-28 x five/8 3 one/four” four one/2″ seven/eight” 3/8-24 x 1
one one/16″ one seven/8″ one/two” 1/four-28 x five/8 three seven/16″ four three/4″ 7/8″ three/8-24 x 1
one one/eight” one 7/8″ 1/two” one/four-28 x 5/eight 3 one/2″ four 3/four” 7/eight” 3/eight-24 x one
1 3/sixteen” two 1/sixteen” 1/2″ 1/four-28 x 3/four three three/four” 5″ 7/eight” three/8-24 x one
one one/four” 2 one/16″ one/2″ one/four-28 x three/4 3 15/sixteen” 5 one/four” seven/8″ three/8-24 x 1
1 five/16″ two one/four” nine/sixteen” one/four-28 x 3/4 4″ five one/4″ seven/8″ three/eight-24 x 1
one three/eight” 2 1/four” nine/sixteen” 1/4-28 x 3/4 4 one/four” five one/two” seven/8″ 3/8-24 x one
one 7/sixteen” 2 one/4″ nine/sixteen” 1/four-28 x 3/4 four seven/sixteen” five 3/4″ 7/eight” 3/eight-24 x one
one one/two” 2 three/eight” nine/16″ 1/4-28 x 3/4 four 1/two” 5 three/four” seven/8″ three/8-24 x one
1 nine/sixteen” 2 three/8″ nine/16″ one/4-28 x 3/4 four 15/16″ six 1/4″ seven/8″ three/eight-24 x one
1 five/8″ two five/eight” eleven/16″ five/sixteen-24 x 1 five” 6 1/4″ 7/eight” three/8-24 x one
one eleven/sixteen” 2 3/4″ eleven/16″ five/16-24 x 1 five 3/16″ 6 three/4″ seven/eight” 3/eight-24 x 1
1 three/4″ 2 three/4″ eleven/16″ 5/16-24 x 1 5 one/4″ 6 3/four” seven/eight” three/eight-24 x one
one 13/sixteen” two seven/eight” eleven/sixteen” five/sixteen-24 x 1 5 7/16″ 6 three/4″ 7/eight” three/eight-24 x 1
one 7/eight” 2 seven/8″ eleven/16″ five/16-24 x 1 5 1/two” six three/four” seven/eight” three/eight-24 x 1
1 fifteen/sixteen” three” eleven/sixteen” 5/16-24 x 1 5 fifteen/sixteen” seven one/four” 7/8″ three/eight-24 x one
2″ 3″ eleven/16″ five/16-24 x one 6″ seven 1/four” seven/eight” three/8-24 x one
2 one/sixteen” 3 one/4″ three/4″ five/16-24 x 1        
2 one/8″ three 1/4″ three/4″ five/16-24 x 1        


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Business Profile

Founded in May 1979, the 12 months when China started its open coverage, we are a said owned comprehensive business combining “sector & buying and selling, technological innovation & buying and selling”. In 2002, our business transformed from point out-owned business to personal owned organization. Backed up by sturdy economic power, sophisticated facilities & technologies, and huge creation functionality of many factories, Xinguang has been developing swiftly in business given that its basis set up extended- term and welcoming partnership with quite a few buyers from most regions of the world. Now, our workers are much more than sixty, in which 50 percent of them are engineers. Almost certainly what tends to make us distinct from other investing firms is that we have a unique employees of each businessmen and knowledgeable mechanical engineers, who have been functioning in the market for a long time. This attribute of us functions an essential role in top quality administration, expense control, and services functionality.