Taper  Chinese Factory Wholesaler & Exporter Lock Pulleyes in Cast Iron Gg22-25

Our primary merchandise are Needle Roller bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Rod end Bearings, Spherical basic bearings, Keep track of roller Bearings for Guideway, Roller Bearings, Combine Bearings for forklifts, Drinking water Pump Bearings, SNR Vehicle Bearings and all types of Spherical Bearings. V-belt pulleys are all made in accordance to ISO4183 and 2211 norm.
SPZ 50 – 01 1008 to SPZ 450-8 3535 SPA 63-01 1008  to SPA 1000-six 4545
SPB one hundred-01 1610 to SPB one thousand-10 5050 SPC two hundred-03 2517 to SPC 1250-ten 5050     MaterEPG specializing in the manufacture of rotocultivator ploughshares and other non-standardized farm machinery chopping instruments. ial: solid iorn GG22-25

Poly-V pulleys: 63J3 1108 to 200J3 2012 63J4 1108 to 315J4 2012 63J5 1108 to 315J5 2012 63J6 1108 to 315J6 2012 63J8 to 400J8 2517 63J12 1108 to 400J12 2517 63J16 1108 to 400J16 2517 71J20 1210 to 400J20 3020 80L5 1210 to 400L5 3020 80L6 1210 to 400L6 302075L8 1108 to 630L8 4030 75L10 1108 to 630L10 4030 75L12 1108 to 630L12 4030 85L16 1615 to 630L16 4040 132L20 2517 to 630L20 4040 180M6 2517 to 710 M6 4040 180M10 3030 to 710M10 4545 180M16 3030 to 710M16 4545 180M20 3030 to 710M20 5050  Materials: cast iron/metal C45

Pilot bore V-pulleys in accordance to BS3790-1981: SPZ fifty-one to SPZ 250-3 SPA 40-1 to SPA 630-five SPB 70-one to SPB 630-six SPC a hundred-1 to SPC 630-six

Adjustable pulleys

Timing Belt Pulleys for taper bushes
18L075 to120L075 18L100 to 120L100 16H100 to 120H100 18H150 to 120H150 18H200 to 120H200 20H300 to 120H300 18XH200 to 120XH200 18XH300 to 120XH three hundred 18XH400 to 120XH 400 
HTD  Timing belt pulleys for taper bushes
34-5M-fifteen to 136-5M-fifteen 22-8M-twenty to one hundred forty four-8M-twenty 22-8M-thirty to a hundred and forty four-8M-thirty 28-8M-fifty to 192-8M-50 34-8M-eighty five to 192-8M-eighty five 28-14M-forty to 216-14M-40 28-14M-55 to 216-14M-fifty five 28-14M-85 to 216-14M-eighty five 28-14M-115 to 216-14M-one hundred fifteen 38-14M-one hundred seventy to 21-14M-one hundred seventy